Planet Logistics is a fast growing expedite company with modern systems of operation

We want you to be our partner in freight. Our company offers you cash advances, paid transportation and accommodation, the latest model of trucks, load assistance at every moment and that’s not all. 

No matter if you are interested in driving solo or as a team, we give you access to plenty of shipments every day which means that you’ll never drive empty.

Benefits of driving with us

We give you all the professional logistic support you need to keep your trucks moving. Our role in the transportation industry is to provide excellence in carrier’s execution. As a driver, you can be tremendously confident in our knowledge, experience, and procedures.


Planet Logistics makes it super convenient for you

Planet Logistics is expedite company with our own fleet in the USA. We supply our drivers with freight and provide them with plenty of shipments throughout the year.

We know that life on the road can be tough, but we also know how to make it easier. Work with us and you will be covered 24/7. Our team is committed to bring you help in every moment of your carrier operation.

We have a modern operation management that simplifies the whole process of the carrier’s tasks. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is just a phone call away! Never hesitate to communicate with us whenever you are in doubt or any type of concern. Planet Logistics cares for their drivers. We promise professionalism and unlimited support.


Apply now and prepare for success

We are looking for safe drivers that share our values. That is why we have list of requirements that you have to follow:

  • Valid CDL
  • Clean Record
  • At Least 2 years of experience
  • No major violations last 12 months
  • No DUI felonies

If you are ready to keep your trucks moving, don’t lose your time. Join our network opportunity and start to drive with us.